The HomeCraft Gutter Guard installation process is quick and painless for homeowners. Typically, after you receive a quote, we can install our product within 2 or 3 days, and sometimes even the very next day! Below you will see how a typical HomeCraft Gutter Guard installation looks.   

Just a few simple steps!

STEP 1. We clean out your gutters and downspouts

Our team member completely clean out your existing gutters and downspouts.

STEP 2. We check your gutters for proper drainage

Our team member will check to see if your gutters are functioning properly.


STEP 3. We reinforce your system with additional hangers

Our team member will realign your system and add additional hangers for support. (Note: Old spike and ferrule systems may not be able to be realigned).

STEP 4. We re-seal all your end caps and outlets

Our team will be sure to reseal ALL end caps, miters, and seams with a 50 year tri-polymer.

installation redo3.jpg

STEP 5. We install the HomeCraft Gutter Guard

Finally, our team will then install the HomeCraft Gutter Guard onto your home. 

STEP 6. Enjoy your clog-free gutters!

Enjoy the peace of mind of clog-free gutters of never having to worry about your gutters again.

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