Giving Back: Community Service

Lovin Elementary

When Lovin Elementary School needed help with their school garden, HomeCraft was there to offer a helping hand with some community service. Ms. Hennebaul reached out to HomeCraft looking for a solution to her problem: she needed a way to harvest rain water for the school's garden, and she wanted gutters installed onto the school's pergola along with a rain barrel so she and her class could harvest water for their garden. 


While most companies will not install onto pergolas or for schools, HomeCraft stepped up to the challenge. In October of 2018, the owners of the company arrived at Lovin Elementary School to complete this project (HomeCraft's cutest little installer also made an appearance as well). Not only did they install gutters, gutter guards, a downspout and a rain barrel onto the school's pergola, HomeCraft also did the entire project completely for free. There was no charge whatsoever. 


Because of HomeCraft Gutter Protection, Lovin Elementary School now has a natural water source for their school garden. 

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Not only does HomeCraft try their best to help and give to the community, but they also help customers every day with their gutter problems. They offer free inspections and estimates for their gutter guards. Why not work with a company who cares not only for their customers, but also their community?

The Anthony "Apple" Hawkins 5K

On September 10, 2016, Anthony "Apple" Hawkins was hit head on by a drunk driver. The accident took both his and the drunk driver's lives. Despite only being 21 years old and having a bright life ahead of him, his life was cut short when someone made the terrible decision to drink and drive. 


Apple was a respected cross country runner at Apalachee High School and was known for his positive attitude that constantly encouraged his teammates. Apple made such an impact that the cross country team dedicated an annual race in rememberance of him and his positive spirit. The race is held every September to bring awareness to drinking and driving.


For the second annual Apple Hawkins 5K, HomeCraft was a sponsor for the race to not only show their support for the race, but to encourage others to make smart decisions and to not drink and drive. "Don't drink and drive, run instead."